Saturday, 23 July 2011

Crafting Mishaps #3

When will I ever learn?
Back in May I had a not-so-subtle reminder of why I don't like glitter (Crafting Mishap... the first *lol*) ... My dining craft room has barely recovered from the mass suicide of my glitter pots!
However, there is one time during the year when I find glittery things almost endearing... quaint, pretty and (dare I say it) lovely. That, of course, is Christmas time. Or Yule... or whatever you call it. 
As you may know, the Christmas House Mini is coming along quite nicely - all sugary sparkly-ness of it, sitting prettily on my dining craft table. And there lies the crux of it... Christmas... The only time glitter is allowed near me, my house or my family. I decided that the backs of some pages of the mini album needed a frosting - a snowy, glittery border. So there I am  two hours ago, happily splashing paint and glue onto card and paper, and smothering it in Glamour Dust (oohhh... sounds so much more posh than calling it just "glitter" *lol*). It takes some time, as I'm also chasing a tomcat out of the house and away from CallieCat every few minutes (not a moments peace!). Time comes to clear up, and I'm looking around me in wonder. Me, the cat, the dog, dining room mat and floor, handbag, scoreboard, paper trimmer, dining table, everything ON the dining table - in fact everything within a five foot radius of the culprit (that would be... ummm... me then. Oops!) is awash with GLITTER. Everything looks like something out of the cast of Twilight, so sparkly and irridescant are we! The cat is having a hard time hiding from the tomcats... every time she ventures outside, she's just a gliding, stealthy little mass of sparkle caught by the lights! On the plus side, LilyDog scarpering outside glowing like the Hound Of The Baskervilles is doing a good job of frightening the tomcats away (either that or they're having to leave because it's just so funny and they want to spread the word around).
As I type, I notice little sparkles glinting from my keyboard. In fact, every time I move I send a hail of glitter into the atmosphere! The end of my nose  is so distracting!... it's glittering and catching my eye constantly!
I've just noticed a trail of sparkly-ness from where I'm sat through to the kitchen and all over the kitchen floor. It's pervading the whole house! Can glitter multiply? Perhaps it's like a virus or a germ... waiting to take over the world! It's under my nails, in my hair, over the sink, stuck into the carpet...!
Glitter. Hmph! Never, ever again!


Di said...

Hilarious! I can see the sparkle from here :) Di xx

Scattychick said...

until next time lol

misteejay said...

...until the next time, that is LOL

That's one of the reasons I tend to stick with stickles as they are slightly less messy - I have been know to put an elbow or hand into the wetness by accident and end up glittery but sometimes the finer g/dust is a must.

Crafters must have the most sparkly insides to their hoovers...

Toni xx

Sian said...

I think I can see them too - delightfully conjured up for us! (At least this one didn't involve any actual pain..)

Sandra said...

Lol .... I truly believe you should just give up and embrace the glitter lol

Anita said...

Yep, glitter is good for you Sheleen LOL..xx